Using Acupressure Pressure Points for Migraines

Using Acupressure Pressure Points for Migraines

Using Acupressure Points to Help Ease Migraine Pain

Acupressure has been found to be very effective in easing migraine pain in some people — I actually stumbled across some of the pressure points by accident. Essentially, I had a migraine and I tried rubbing my neck and parts of my face where pain radiated, and found sometimes the pain would ease a bit.

So, I decided to do a little research, and I learned there are several pressure points you can use to help relieve migraine pain. One article claimed these points could often be better for migraines than prescribed medication or pain relievers.

I am skeptical about tossing my migraine medication out and using acupressure all the time, but it has helped me get through several migraine attacks by easing pain and cutting the duration of the headache — which for me can last three to four days.

Acupressure points for migraines are easy to find on your body and are located at several places. The best part is that you can do this treatment yourself and there are no side effects.

Understanding Acupressure

How was acupressure discovered? First used in China, acupressure is a very old healing technique that works similar to acupuncture, but without the needles.

Migraines can be triggered by so many things: your diet, hormonal changes, stress, sleep habits, drinking alcohol, bright lights or sunlight and even certain scents. It is nice to have a non-prescription option to try for a change.

As a sufferer, I am willing to give just about any reasonable remedy a try. Here are the top acupressure points that have worked for me:

  • Face points
  • Neck points
  • Feet points


There are two key pressure points that are pretty helpful and effective on the face in reducing migraine pain:

  • Between eyebrows. Find the place on your face exactly between your eyebrows (some refer to this as the third eye chakra). Apply apply light pressure with your thumb on this point.
  • Under the cheekbones. These points are located near the nostrils under the cheek bones and exactly below of the pupil. Find these points and apply pressure with your finger or thumb.


There are a few pressure points located on the backside of the neck, right near the base of your head. They are said to gradually stop migraines if you apply pressure on daily basis, but I also find they ease the intensity of a migraine once it is underway.

  • Base of your head. You can easily find this point on the backside of your head. It may even feel sore to the touch during a migraine. Pressure on this point will benefit pain in eyes, ears, nose and throat, as well as the headaches and stiffness in the neck that can occur.
  • Slightly below the base of your head. You will find two points one and half inches from the base of the skull on the back of the neck. Apply gentle pressure daily and especially during a migraine attack.


Acupressure on the feet should be done on daily basis to help in reduce migraine frequency.

Tops of your feet. You can find this point about a half inch up from where your flip-flop strap goes in between the big and second toe on the top of each foot.

In many instances, you can help ease migraine pain or even prevent a full-blown attack by using acupressure points. I am not convinced that doing this will ever replace my preventive and pain medicines completely, but any treatment that helps and has no side effects is a positive step in finding relief.

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