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Migraines in Men: Why Men Should Seek Medical Help With Migraines

Migraines in Men

Are more women than men afflicted with migraine headaches, or do more men typically avoid seeking medical help for their headache? Fact is, we may never know. Statistics show that about three times as many women get regular migraine attacks compared to their male counterparts. But, there is also ongoing evidence that men tend not to seek advice from the medical profession about their condition and remain undiagnosed. This is not uncommon in men, who statistically...

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Migraine vs Headache

Know the Difference Between Migraine and Headache Symptoms

It is a common misconception that a bad headache is a migraine. Sarah looks at migraine vs headache — how the two differ and how they're similar.
1.8k found this helpful by Sarah Rathsack on January 18, 2017
Video Common Migraine Triggers

Common Migraine Triggers

Some of the most common migraine triggers are food, water, sleep, stress, and concentration. Learn more about how to avoid these common triggers.
by Alice Thorpe on January 11, 2017
Migraine Fatigue

The Link Between Migraines and Fatigue

Migraines and fatigue go often hand in hand - many migraine suffers experience lack of energy before, during and after the headaches.
810 found this helpful by Jaime Sanders on November 28, 2016
Is a Daily Headache the Same as a Migraine?

Is a Daily Headache the Same as a Migraine?

What if you suddenly get a headache that not only lacks a trigger, but does not go away…ever? Is a daily headache a migraine, or something else?
1 found this helpful by Barbara Leech on October 31, 2016
Video What Not to Say to Someone With Migraine video

What Not to Say to Someone With Migraine

If you deal with migraine, you’ve likely experienced insensitive comments from people who don’t understand the condition. These are a few things not to say.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on August 9, 2016
The Link Between Migraines and Menopause

The Link Between Migraines and Menopause

What happens to migraine when you enter menopause? Barbara discusses her experience with migraines and menopause, and what you can expect.
35 found this helpful by Barbara Leech on August 9, 2016
Infographic Migraine with Aura Infographic

What Is a Migraine With Aura?

Have you ever experienced flashes of flight, blurred vision, or other visual changes before a migraine? It's called a migraine with aura.
7 found this helpful by NewLifeOutlook Team on July 15, 2016
Cannabis for Migraine

Cannabis for Migraine Shown to Decrease Headaches

Research shows that using cannabis for migraine can have a pain-relieving effect, and even result in fewer occurrences of migraines.
2.1k found this helpful by Kate Turner on July 6, 2016
Infographic migraine and anxiety infographic

Ways to Ease Your Migraine Anxiety

Many chronic illness sufferers experience anxiety. It could be a pre-existing condition, but in many cases it is due to their pain and stress.
102 found this helpful by NewLifeOutlook Team on April 26, 2016
Migraine Postdrome

Getting Through Migraine Postdrome

Barbara shares her tips on how to avoid migraine postdrome, and what to do when you are recovering from a migraine attack.
4.1k found this helpful by Barbara Leech on April 11, 2016
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