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Yoga for Migraine: How Yoga Can Help Fend Off Migraine Pain and Ease Symptoms

Have You Tried Yoga for Migraine Pain Relief?

With reoccurring migraine pain, it helps if you can find ways to let go of the stress we all hold onto within our body and minds. As someone who suffers from migraines, I have tried many ways to let go of my daily tension, stress over deadlines and that inner feeling of deep fatigue. After trying just about anything suggested to me (I was desperate), I discovered that yoga is probably the most helpful when it...

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Exercising and Migraine

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"To exercise or not, that is the question. Will it trigger a migraine or not is the next," Sarah writes on exercise and migraines, triggers, and motivation.
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Have You Tried Yoga for Migraine Pain Relief?

How You Can Fend Off Migraine Pain With Yoga

I can not only lessen the effect a migraine has me, but I can fend off a second or third attack that may follow by simply taking a yoga class each week.
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