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Sound Therapy for Migraine: Certain Music and Sounds Could Reduce Symptoms

Sound Therapy for Migraine

A growing body of researchers and alternative medicine specialists are turning their attention to sound as medicine. Sound therapy has been shown to impact learning capacity, insomnia, fatigue, and even physiological processes like blood pressure and back pain. For migraine sufferers, sound therapy could help you lower or eliminate the medication you use to control the intolerable headaches. While the healing power of good music and soothing sound is no secret, it’s also not exploited as...

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Migraine Hat

A Migraineur’s Review of the Migraine Hat

"I got my hands on an amazing invention to try that actually provided me tremendous relief," Barbara shares in her review of the Migraine Hat.
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Migraine Medications

A Comprehensive Look at Migraine Medications and Their Side Effects

Migraineur Jaime walks you through preventative, abortive, and herbal migraine medications, their side effects, and what you should know before taking them.
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Pressure Points for Migraines

Using Acupressure Pressure Points for Migraines

Pressure points for migraines are easy to find and effective. The best part is you can do this treatment yourself and there are no side effects.
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Migraine Pain Relief

A Look at Migraine Pain Relief Options

"Managing migraine pain is a complicated process — there are many options and no one-size-fits-all treatment," Sarah writes on migraine pain relief.
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Trying Zecuity for Migraine Treatment

Trying Zecuity for Migraine Treatment

Have you tried the new drug patch Zecuity for migraine treatment? Sarah shares her first-hand experience with the controversial device.
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Ice Pack for Migraine

A Colder and Easier Way to Ease Migraine Pain

A cap ice pack for migraine pain includes the benefit of applied pressure to key spots on the head, as well as icy-cool relief when your migraine flares up.
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How to Treat a Migraine

How to Successfully Fight a Migraine Attack

With so many triggers and reactions it can be tough to learn how to treat a migraine. Sarah shares her tips on stopping an attack when you feel it come on.
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Therapy for Migraines

Could Therapy Help With Migraine Management?

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Cefaly Migraine Headband

Headband for Migraine Treatment Proves Effective

Among the impressive new treatments for migraine relief out there is something that seems straight out of Back to the Future: the Cefaly migraine headband.
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Sound Therapy for Migraine

Can Certain Music and Sounds Reduce Your Symptoms?

Many researchers and alternative medicine specialists are looking into sound as medicine — have you considered sound therapy for migraine relief?
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