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Migraine article: Types of MigrainesTypes of Migraines

The International Headache Society maintains a headache classification system. Currently, there are six different different types of migraines.

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  • Have had problems since my first period at 10 1/2 years old. Now I have pancreatitis now so that pain gets so bad the dr told me that is why I get migraines now. Since I am going through my menopause I was doing better. But 3 years ago I had a bad pancreatitis attack & they had to remove my gall bladder. So now with the horrible migraines again. This weekend was my worst in about a year. Th dr gave me sumatriptan it was the best medicine I have ever taken for migraines within about 40 minutes I was feeling better*;0)
  • Began having migraines during my 3rd trimester with my son. When he turned 5 they began to get better, but now 3 years later their coming back. I lose vision in my left eye, get sick and the pain is awful. I just want an answer...
  • Had a dissected vertebral artery and immense pain. After the artery healed, the headaches remained...2 years and not a headache free day. Some days are migraines, some are not. Still, miserable. Went to Mayo, have been to neurologists, had nerve blocks, neuro opthomologists have seen me, CT, MRI, bloodwork, you name it-no relief. An ER visit for a horrible migraine I could not ride or on my own was where I learned of the "migraine cocktail" I took from that, the Benedryl portion from it and that has been the only thing that has kept me working. I have realized that there's nothing I can do and will have to live with a headache forever.
  • JillEJillE Member
    Suffered many years with migraines, took all kind of medication, no help Dr diagnosed me with Chiari malformation, had surgery, I have never had a migraine since, about 5 years now, I had many MRI Dr that diagnosed me did an MRI with dye, showed up malformation right away. Google it it's called chiari malformation, after Arnold chiari who discovered it
  • AnnieAnnie Member
    I'm glad to see more medical professionals speaking up about stomach migraines. I went through nearly 4 years of docyors thinking I was at the 1 or twice a week for a 'fix' when most often I wanted something for nausea. Now I'm trying to find a stomach migraine (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome -CVS like the store) trying to find a physician who understands how tobtrwat CVS. But like all Migraines, there is not one treatment for all. But I have hope.
  • jonk_2jonk_2 Member
    My husband has cluster headaches for 20+ years, no help, treats with medication, doesn't' t work, brief periods relief. Any info would be apprecated
  • SokoSoko Member
    I realize this comment string is old. But for the first time in the 50 years I've had migraines, full nausea vomiting dark room ear plugs head wrapped in ice someone named one of my auras. I've tried to describe it as size and sensory diatortion. ALICE IN WONDERLAND!
    I'm not crazy and I'm not alone. Thanks

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