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Migraine article: Working with MigrainesWorking with Migraines

Working with migraines is an ongoing challenge for me and many like me who suffer with them on a regular basis.

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  • I've still lost 2 jobs due to chronic migraines and I can't seem to find a work from home job, even with the help of state placement agencies. I hate to do it but I'm at the point where I need to pay for my house, food and other basic needs so I've applied for disability. I'm trying to start my own business but we all know that things take time. I'm really at my wits end at this point.
  • DebraDebra Member
    I lost my job at a neurology office as a nurse for one of the best neurologist in town. They knew I had migraines, one of the other neurologist in the office was my original MD. I don't think the world really understands unless you have been there. The neurologist that i was seeing at that time tryed one other medication then sent me to pain management because i have taken every medication there is. I have been out of work now for 2 years and have finally decided to file for disability. It is just more depressing. I loved nursing and maybe one day I will get to return or do something. I don't know i am 50 now and by then I might be to old.
  • @jennvilandre - This message is really for Jen and Debra. I hope you both get back on here soon to read it. I have posted a lot today on the community board. Today is my one day out of the seven that I don't have a migraine. This has been true since high school and prior to that...going back to 4th grade I had them 3-4 days a week. A few months ago I spent almost 5 weeks in bed and every week my Neurologist told me to go to the hospital.

    Holding a job is one thing, taking care of myself is another. It is challenging enough to cope and rely on the right medication to keep me functioning. I am that "1%." Botox made me worse and I had all the side effects (sick, vision issues, more migraines, etc). I stay on Topomax because I respond to nothing else and I'm dependent. Imitrex...well, I need 3 during a migraine to be able to get out of bed and then usually a pain pill too. SPG blockers caused problems as well. I'm also one to get at least 3 MRI's a year that all come back looking GREAT!

    I try to go to work when I'm sick, in pain, and I end up needing a ride home. No employer ever understands. Most co-workers don't either. I'm lucky to find someone who says they get a migraine too. But then they tell me they take excedrin or a good nap does the job. Nobody ever seems to understand what it is like to be disabled and in bed for weeks thinking that you have a tumor, or wondering why you have double vision/loss of color, etc. Because all your tests come back ok and you are just told you have migraines and nobody views that the way they do other disabilities.

    I get it and to read both of your comments...makes me feel like I am not alone. My suggestion (although you may no like it) is to try and take on independent contracting work. That way you can make your own schedule, be responsible for your hours, and not have to worry about consequences of missing work.

    I have been told by many doctors that it will only get worse as I get older and I am not certain how much worse it can get. I wish you both the best of luck! Stay positive and I hope you both have strong and loving support groups (family, friends).

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