COMMUNITY QUESTION: Has anyone had success with botox treatment?

AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
Botox experiences...I'm going next week on the 16th to have Botox for my increasing migraines, any luck with this?

I had Botox in September of last year but because I complained of tense neck and shoulder, the doctor only gave me injections in the neck and shoulders unfortunately and it didn't work. This time I will be getting the migraine protocol.


  • I'm getting round 6 in August, with the full migraine protocol. Botox has been somewhat successful for me, in that it has reduced the intensity of my migraines by about half on most days. I still have about 1 day a week where the pain and nausea make me have to see my NP for rescue meds. I will warn you....the shots in the forehead are enough to bring me to tears, but it goes quickly and then you're done for another 3 months. Hopefully, you find some relief with Botox.

  • @troyermichele this makes me hopeful! Thanks for sharing!
  • I have had several sessions of botox and found it wery helpful, in fact, when I started having lots of migraines I realised I was overdue for a treatment. That proved to me that it really did make a difference.
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    @AlyssaWinegarden -

    Botox was a nightmare for me. I see that many others found success, but I would like to share my story for those who have tried it and feel like they are the 1%. I suffered with severe side effects from the start. Honestly, everyone in my support group was encouraging me to keep at it so that I can get my life back. The first treatment I had flu systems: fever, coughing, sore throat runny nose, etc. Along with that I had serious drooping on my left eye. I had no muscle control with that eye whatsoever. In addition I had neck and back pain.

    This eventually went away. The migraines however, did not. They were daily and according to my diary, were the same and some days worse than prior to the Botox. My Doctor pushed me to continue treatment as one was not enough to evaluate whether or not it was successful. My family and friends want me healthy and reminded me that I have literally been on everything and been to all the best doctors in different states, so I had to keep up with the treatment.

    Sadly, I did and I regret it. 3 treatments later the drooping came back. I had double vision, periodic loss of color, and blurred vision (often). It was scary. I was dizzy and fatigued and migraines were occurring with these issues. After extensive exams with some of the best eye doctors at outstanding hospitals, my eyes checked out fine. It was suggested that I work on evaluating the Botox. It was after that I was in bed for a month straight with the most severe migraines I ever over twenty years.

    I stopped treatment. My migraines never decreased to begin with. I had major side effects. I followed the advice of my Neurologist and family to give it a chance and I wish I had quit sooner.

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