I have been on Topamax for almost ten years. When or IF there are migraine free days, the side effects of this medication takes away from enjoying life. I am beyond pleased to find this website because I do not know of anyone else who is on this medication and suffering with side effects.
1. It is primarily cognitive delays and extreme fatigue (sleeping 10+ hours a day)
2. I have now traveled to (3) different states to work with various Neurologists who keep me on the medication
3. I've tried getting off myself, however, the withdrawal has put me in the hospital every time
4. Each Neurologist places me on 450-600mg when various articles recommend 100mg average -200mg max for migraine sufferers

22 years I have been on everything. Any advice or suggestions for slowly getting off of this medication given severe side effects? Does anyone else have these issues and continue to be placed on Topamax as nothing else works?


  • @Serkows3 stop taking all prescribed meds. I did, and road out my migraines. Using ibuprofen, Tylenol, and eat and drank w.e helped numb and cope with it. And those things may change every migraine. I know drinking super cold drink or ice cream making sure it its the soft pallet in my mouth is so relieving sometimes and some times I need coffee. Sometimes behind the counter sinus meds. Like Alieve D. Work cuz mine now have changed affect my sinuses. Only take one I did not read and took 2 and I was up over 24 hrs. That was worse than the Lay down for 20-30. Not napping! Just rest your head, cover your eyes and relax and breath in your nose and out your mouth deep inhales and long exhales. With my migraines laying down all day makes it worse. Work thru them. Its almost like building a immunity to them.
    Take out contacts.
    Take off jewelry. Earrings
    Sit and relax somewhere cool breath in cool air.
    All these things help me cope with one. Doesn't cure or take away completely. But it has helped manage one. And now I have maybe 1 a month. Now it will last 3 days but I can function.

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