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Migraine article: New Migraine TreatmentNew Migraine Treatment

The new migraine treatment falls within a class of drugs used to treat cancer, and is created from genetically engineered antibodies.

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  • Cathy houston Fisher please send me your info Thanks
  • I would love a natural way to stop migraines for good. Please message me Cathy Fisher. Thanks jana
  • CATHY HOUSTON FISHER, PLEASE SEND ME INFO on how to get rid of them please pm me
  • Why can't I take migraine prevention after a stroke?? This is what my dr said since the stroke the migraines are worse.
  • I am new so my migraines are from a bad accident I was involved in where I was hit from behind and the left side of my fave hit the steering wheel and once I flipped back then my seat belt locked.
  • Following
  • It would be helpful to know the names of these drugs so I could discuss with my doctor.
  • I have had migraines since I was 5-6 yrs. Old. Doctors would not call them migraines till after I was out of High School. Explained I was too young for them to be migraines. Over many years of trying different meds. I had noticed they all took them away for maybe the day only to return the next day. Started to notice I was getting more and more migraines. To the point they thought I was having a stroke. My right eye had started to droop. That's when I stopped everything. I road out the migraines. Usually 3 days. Maybe taking ibuprofen, Tylenol. I started getting less and less migraines. Now I am down to 1 a month and no where near as severe.

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