Know When Migraine Is a Medical Emergency

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  • Going to the E.R. doesn't do anything for me when I get a migraine. I have had them since I was in the 5th grade. I know what works and what doesn't. They usually will give me something for nausea, and tordol. Which is like giving me a tic tac, I have them at home, and a couple pain meds cut after 3 or more days after taking what I have at home, and they want to give me the samething...waste of time and money. The benadryl cocktail made me feel like bugs were crawling all over me and most meds like matrix I am allergic too. Dilaudid or demeral and compazine work for me I go home and sleep for 8 to 12 hrs wake up and usually gone. So I would like to Thank all the drug seekers making it almost impossible for me and others to get meds that work....
  • @Sgross i have the same issue i went one night for a migraine and 2 months later my drs office called me and told me my dr wanted to see me asap. So i went in that afternoon only for my dr to tell me he just got a ct scan results i had got two months prior from the the emergency room visit i had for the migaine and he wanted further test to be exact MRI with contrast. He said i had a black spot on my brain and also what looked to be a brain anuersum. Well needless to say it was just fatty tissue but the one thing that scared me most of all is that they did discover that i have a brain anuersum and nobody even seen it when they looked at the 30 or so scans ive had done until this one. I was dismissed from 2 doctors saying i was a drug seeker cause i was asking for test to be done cause of the migraines and lower back pain i had been having since having my daughter.

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