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Angela Finlay is a freelance writer and blogger committed to sharing matters that affect health and wellbeing. From fitness and motivation to medical ailments and psychological hurdles, she has covered a range of health and lifestyle topics through her web writing career.

Angela feels that a high quality of life should be a top priority for everyone, and tries her best to help people find more comfort, contentment and confidence with the resources around them.

From fitness and lifestyle to pregnancy and medical ailments, she has covered a range of health topics throughout her web writing career, contributing to major websites for over three years.

She believes that variety is not only the spice of life, but essential for happiness and longevity; as an avid runner, rock climber, artist, and vegetarian cook, her passion for health and vitality stretches into each corner of her life.

Angela's Work

Migraine and Nausea

Understanding Where Migraine Nausea Comes From, and How to Stop It

Unfortunately, migraine and nausea often go hand in hand — but you don’t need to simply suffer through the nausea and vomiting that can come with an attack.
by Angela Finlay on January 14, 2019
Researchers Explore Link Between Migraines and Epilepsy

Is There a Link Between Migraines and Epilepsy?

Until recently, there’s been relatively little medical interest in finding the commonalities and connection between migraines and epilepsy.
by Angela Finlay and Jaime Sanders on September 5, 2018
Can Cheese Cause Migraines?

The Facts Behind Aged Cheese and Migraines

Cheese has long been considered a problem food for migraine sufferers, but the issue isn’t as clear and simple as you might imagine.
by Angela Finlay on November 23, 2015
Sound Therapy for Migraine

Can Certain Music and Sounds Reduce Your Symptoms?

Many researchers and alternative medicine specialists are looking into sound as medicine — have you considered sound therapy for migraine relief?
by Angela Finlay on August 19, 2015
Could Migraine and Carpal Tunnel Be Connected?

The Possible Connection Between Migraines and Wrist Pain

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have published their optimistic findings on the link between migraine headache and carpal tunnel syndrome.
by Angela Finlay on June 16, 2015
Migraines in Children

Spotting, Treating and Preventing Migraines in Children

Migraines in children are fairly common. Scientists estimate that 10% of children have migraines, and 5% have them starting earlier than the age of 12.
by Angela Finlay on March 12, 2015
Migraine and Sensitive Skin

The Connection Between Skin Sensitivity and Migraines

Migraine and sensitive skin often go together. Find out what may be causing your skin sensitivity and how an adjustment in your treatment plan may help.
by Angela Finlay on February 26, 2015
Caffeine and Migraines

The Relationship Between Caffeine and Migraines

Caffeine and migraines have a particularly strange relationship: sometimes it relieves, and sometimes it exacerbates the pain.
by Angela Finlay on January 6, 2015
Sinus Headaches vs Migraines

The Difference Between Sinus Headaches and Migraines

Although they can be difficult to tell apart, there is a significant difference between sinus headaches and migraines.
by Angela Finlay on November 18, 2014
Alcohol and Migraines

How Alcohol Can Impact, Trigger and Even Benefit Migraines

It would seem that alcohol and migraines is a bad idea if you want to avoid pan, but there’s little proof that alcohol is worse than other triggers.
by Angela Finlay on November 11, 2014