What Not to Say to Someone With Migraine

If you deal with migraine, you’ve likely experienced insensitive comments from people who don’t understand the condition. These are a few things not to say.

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Common Misconceptions About Migraines video video

Common Misconceptions About Migraines

There are numerous misconceptions about migraines, and Alice wants to discuss these common misconceptions and clear them.
by Alice Thorpe on February 23, 2018
Migraines and allergies video

The Link Between Migraines and Allergies

Research suggests there is a link between migraines and allergies. A study found allergy sufferers were 33 percent more likely to suffer from migraines.
by Alice Thorpe on November 17, 2017
How A Migraine Specialist Can Help You video

How a Migraine Specialist Can Help You

Alice discusses how a specialist can help you manage your migraines, provide next steps for treatment, and resources to help minimize migraine attacks.
by Alice Thorpe on October 20, 2017
What People Who Think a Migraine Is 'Just a Headache' Need to Hear video

What People Who Think a Migraine Is ‘Just a Headache’ Need to Hear

Alice speaks up about what people need to hear when they say that migraines are just headaches.
by Alice Thorpe on October 13, 2017
Coping With A Migraine Hangover

Coping With A Migraine Hangover

Alice has been suffering from migraines for over half of her life and wants to share with you her tips and tricks on how to deal with a migraine hangover.
by Alice Thorpe on August 25, 2017
Migraines And Alcohol

The Relationship Between Migraines and Alcohol

Is there a relationship between migraines and alcohol? Alice talks about the effects of alcohol and offers tips for those who suffer from migraines.
by Alice Thorpe on August 18, 2017
Alice's Migraine Diagnosis Story

Alice’s Migraine Diagnosis Story

Alice has suffered from chronic migraines since the age of 10 or 11. Read Alice's story about how she's still learning to deal her symptoms.
by Alice Thorpe on July 28, 2017
Migraines and Light Sensitivity

Tips On Managing Migraines and Light Sensitivity

Those who suffer from migraines understand light sensitivity and the symptoms associated with it. It's a scary experience but there is a way to cope.
by Alice Thorpe on July 21, 2017
Migraines Depression Anxiety

Migraines Linked to Depression and Anxiety

Some research suggests that anxiety and depression can trigger migraines or migraines can trigger anxiety and depression. Alice shares her tips for coping.
by Alice Thorpe on July 10, 2017
How Lack of Sleep Impacts Migraines

How Lack of Sleep Impacts Migraines

Sleep has a big impact on migraines. For a lot of people, if they're very tired or haven't been sleeping well, it leaves them susceptible to a migraine.
by Alice Thorpe on May 4, 2017