Tips On Managing Migraines and Light Sensitivity

Alice ThorpeAlice Thorpe
Jul 21, 2017

Alice shares her tips on how she copes with light sensitivity and migraines that you can try the next time you have a migraine.

Coping With Light Sensitive Migraines

Those who suffer from migraines understand light sensitivity and the symptoms associated with it. For many people, they get spots in their eyes.

The symptom is comparable to when someone takes a photo using a flash on a camera, and you can see spots.

Keep Out The Light

One of the best things to do when you have a migraine is to go to the darkest room in your house.

Sometimes, you’ll find your eyes are strained from the light, and it’s probably making your migraine worse.

However, if a migraine happens at work or somewhere where you can’t go in a dark room, just ask to go away for a break somewhere.

If that doesn’t work, carry an eye mask with you and just sit for a few minutes or as long as you need, and try and just relax your eyes.

Use A Heat Or Cold Pack

Using a heat or ice pack on your head for a certain amount of time can work miracles.

Place the heat or cold pack onto the source of the pain, apply a little bit of pressure and you should feel your light sensitivity symptoms disappearing.

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