Common Misconceptions About Migraines

Alice ThorpeAlice Thorpe
Feb 23, 2018

Alice wants to discuss with you some common misconceptions about people who suffer from migraines. Alice has compiled a short little list about these conceptions and tell you about her experience with these misconceptions.

Common Misconceptions About Migraines

1. It’s Just a Bad Headache

This honestly winds me up so much. For anyone who hasn’t experienced a migraine, letting you know how it’s not just a headache. You get fatigued, you get blurriness in the eyes, you can get nausea and vomiting, and you can have weakness down one side of your body.

It’s a whole lot more than just a headache. Honestly, I just wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

2. Migraines Last for Days

Another one is that some people presume that migraines don’t last for days. Well, obviously, it differs from person-to-person.

I know for me, I can still feel the effect of a migraine three days later and sometimes it’s hard for other people to understand that it can affect you for so long so maybe just consider that. If you’re someone watching this, who’s thought that before but I mean, the after-effects of a migraine can sometimes last longer than a migraine itself.

3. Only Women Have Migraines

Now, this was one I haven’t come across, but after a little bit of research, I realized that it is more common for women to have migraines but men can indeed suffer from them too.

I know for a fact that my dad suffers from migraines, and I think inherited it from him. Thanks, dad.

4. There’s Nothing that Can be Done About Migraines

You’ve just got to live with them. Well, to a certain extent, you do just have to learn how to deal with them, but you don’t have to learn how to live with the pain and the discomfort. There are so many different options that you can try, and hopefully, you’ll find the right balance and the right combination of things to help you out.

It’s taken me a long time, but now I can happily say I’ve found the combination of medications and things that I do that now help me out. So you don’t just have to live with it. You can work to find your solution.

5. It’s Not a Migraine Unless You Have Auras

A lot of people say it’s not a migraine unless you have auras and now, auras are like the visual disturbances, the tingling fingers, the numbness, things like that and people think if you haven’t got that bit, you’ve not got a migraine.

That’s so, so wrong.

The blood vessels in your brain cause a migraine, and they don’t always affect other parts of your body. A study shows that less than 30 percent of people who suffer from migraines regularly suffer from the aura part of it.

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