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Barbara Leech is a mom of four who gave up her career as a reporter and editor of two weekly newspapers in Southern New Hampshire to be a work-at-home mom and autoimmune disease warrior. Within her personal battle with fibromyalgia, lupus, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, she is an advocate for greater public awareness and raising funds toward research and improved treatments for these and other autoimmune diseases.

Her overall mission is to be the best mom and writer she can be, despite the challenges of living with a chronic illness. Barbara lives in Maine with her husband Adam, and they have two young sons together. Her two older daughters are grown (25 and 28). One is married, and the other is planning a summer 2016 wedding in the Mountains of New Hampshire.

Barbara considers herself a survivor of all things: fibromyalgia, lupus, Hashimoto’s, divorce, and starting over. She is passionate about family, faith and small victories.

For work, Barbara telecommutes, writing for a strategic advising firm in Massachusetts. On the side, she is a freelance writer for daily newspapers and business magazines throughout New England and a blogger on topics of health, parenting, and real estate. She also provides freelance editing and copywriting services for several businesses throughout the country.

Barbara's Work

Migraine In Summer

Fighting off Migraines In Summer Weather

Many sufferers find migraine in summer more challenging than other seasons. Symptoms are more severe and last longer with warmer weather.
by Barbara Leech on June 26, 2018
Migraine Postdrome

The Phases of Migraines and Getting Through Migraine Postdrome

Barbara and Krystina shares their tips on how to avoid migraine postdrome, and what to do when you are recovering from a migraine attack.
by Barbara Leech and Krystina Ostermeyer on October 17, 2017
TMJ and Migraines

TMJ Could be Connected to Triggering Migraines

It is estimated that about 35 percent of people in the U.S. suffer from both TMJ and migraines. Find out more about how they are connected.
by Barbara Leech and Krystina Ostermeyer on September 21, 2017
Sex and Migraines

Can Sex Help Ease a Migraine?

Research indicates that reaching for your partner instead of your medication may be more effective in relieving migraine pain.
by Barbara Leech on March 1, 2017
Migraine Hat

A Migraineur’s Review of the Migraine Hat

"I got my hands on an amazing invention to try that actually provided me tremendous relief," Barbara shares in her review of the Migraine Hat.
by Barbara Leech on January 11, 2017
What Does a Migraine Feel Like?

What Does a Migraine Feel Like?

What does a migraine feel like? Describing the pain in a way others understand can be difficult, especially when people question migraine’s validity.
by Barbara Leech on November 14, 2016
Is a Daily Headache the Same as a Migraine?

Is a Daily Headache the Same as a Migraine?

What if you suddenly get a headache that not only lacks a trigger, but does not go away…ever? Is a daily headache a migraine, or something else?
by Barbara Leech on October 31, 2016
Migraines and Sleep

What’s the Link Between Migraine and Sleep Problems?

"Could poor sleep quality be causing your migraines?" Barbara discusses the possible link between migraines and sleep issues.
by Barbara Leech on October 3, 2016
Relationships With Migraine

Maintaining Friends and Relationships With Migraine

"Friends and relationships can slowly change once migraines become frequent," Barbara writes on maintaining relationships with migraine.
by Barbara Leech on September 7, 2016
The Link Between Migraines and Menopause

The Link Between Migraines and Menopause

What happens to migraine when you enter menopause? Barbara discusses her experience with migraines and menopause, and what you can expect.
by Barbara Leech on August 9, 2016
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