Migraine at Work
Jaime Sanders
Jaime Sanders
February 20, 2019
A migraine episode is tough to deal with anytime you will experience it, but can be even harder if you experience a migraine at work.

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Cannabis for Migraine

Cannabis for Migraine Shown to Decrease Headaches

Research shows that using cannabis for migraine can have a pain-relieving effect, and even result in fewer occurrences of migraines.
by Kate Turner on July 6, 2016
Dispelling Migraine Myths

Separating Fact From Fiction

As if the pain of living with migraine wasn’t enough, there are many migraine myths and misconceptions for you to contend with.
by Barbara Leech on June 24, 2015
Could Migraine and Carpal Tunnel Be Connected?

The Possible Connection Between Migraines and Wrist Pain

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have published their optimistic findings on the link between migraine headache and carpal tunnel syndrome.
by Angela Finlay on June 16, 2015
Risk of Parkinsons Disease

Is There a Link Between Parkinson’s Disease and Migraines?

There has been evidence that people that have migraines in middle age are more than twice as likely to have Parkinson’s disease at a later age.
by Yvonne Banks on November 4, 2014
New Migraine Treatment

Researchers Discover a Promising New Migraine Treatment Method

The new migraine treatment falls within a class of drugs used to treat cancer, and is created from genetically engineered antibodies.
by Amy Manley on September 30, 2014