Migraine at Work
Jaime Sanders
Jaime Sanders
February 20, 2019
A migraine episode is tough to deal with anytime you will experience it, but can be even harder if you experience a migraine at work.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy as Migraine Treatment

Shauna explained craniosacral therapy as a gentle and non-invasive approach that focuses on the craniosacral system of the body.
by Alyssa Winegarden on April 8, 2015
Remedies for Migraine Relief

Treating Migraine Pain at Home

If you get migraines, don’t rely on prescription drugs alone – there are plenty of home remedies for migraine relief to help you manage this condition.
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Solutions for Migraines

Take Control When Looking for Solutions for Migraines

In order to ensure your best interest is in mind, it's important to maintain control over the decision process when trying to find solutions for migraines.
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Migraine Medication Safety

Using Medication to Safely Treat Migraine Pain

Storage, expiration date, and other details are very important in managing your medication safely. Here are some tips for managing your migraine medication.
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Managing Chronic Migraines

The Most Effective Way to Treat Chronic Migraines

Conventional medicine offers two forms of treatment for chronic migraines: firstly on managing acute attacks and secondly on preventing future attacks.
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Neurostimulators for Migraines

Biofeedback and Neurostimulators for Preventing Migraines

Biofeedback and neurostimulators are safe and effective for children and adults. They are great therapeutic options for migraine prevention and treatment.
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Behavioral Therapy for Migraines

Could Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Migraine Sufferers?

The benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy for migraines have been evaluated in the last few decades and the results show real promises.
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