Making the Most of Days Free From Migraine Pain

Embracing Migraine Free Days

Embracing Migraine Free DaysSome days, you wake up and there is no sign that you ever suffer from migraine pain. Your head is clear and there is no aura or any sensation to indicate a headache is approaching. You have no idea what combination of medication and self-care came together to produce this symptom-free day, but it’s a great feeling.

There are days like this scattered throughout the month for me, where sometimes the pain I went to bed with magically lifts and I actually sleep more than a couple of hours. When I wake up, I feel normal. I feel like I can face the day and I have to say it is a beautiful, weird and confusing thing. What happened? Why am I me again and how do I hold on to it? I silently whisper, “Please, please, please let it last.”

I would like to tell you it lasts, but a migraine usually finds me sooner or later, even if I avoid my triggers. I have not figured out what might guarantee a “good day” with migraine. Believe me, if I did, I would share it with everyone or bottle the secret and cure the millions who suffer from migraines.

What to Do With a Pain-Free Day?

What I can say is when a pain-free day happens for me, I embrace that day with every cell within my body. I encourage you to make the most of those days, too, and focus on the freedom you have when you are migraine-free.


Make memories, express gratitude and accomplish some things you have been longing to do. Make yourself a good day list — basically a list of things you wish you could do, but migraines have interrupted or prevented you from doing.

This is part of not surrendering your entire self to the condition. It’s easy to give up on making plans when you never know if you are going to be able to follow through with them. But I encourage you to seize the moment on good days — enjoy life while you are pain-free!

Make the list right now, even if you are in lying in bed wondering when your current migraine will ease — it’s like writing down a goal, because it gives you hope to focus on — and have your list ready for that next good day so you can make the most of it.

Tips For Enjoying Your Good Day

Make a Few Fun Things Top Priority

The goal here is to not waste a good day folding laundry and cleaning your bathroom, but occasionally use it to remember who you are and what makes you happy.

Think of two or three things that you really have been longing to do, but have been postponed or forgotten about because of a migraine attack. Write those down at the top of your list. This is what you pick from on your fist good day that you are free to have some fun.

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