A Colder and Easier Way to Ease Migraine Pain

A Colder and Easier Way to Ease Migraine Pain

Using a Cap Ice Pack for Migraine Pain

Today is a migraine day — day two to be precise. Yesterday, I had to continue with my work day and also spent about four hours on the road driving. None of this helped my migraine, but as a sufferer, I think we all have times we must just keep going, no matter how much pain we are in.

By the end of the day I was nauseous and unable to eat and researching anything else I could try to ease my pain. I wanted something that not only would ease the level of pain, but go with me as I keep trudging through my day.

I came across an interesting invention I had not seen before; there are actually ice pack caps that can include the benefit of applied pressure to key spots on the head as well as icy-cool relief. I have tried icepacks applied to my neck or head before, and they often ease the intensity but are hard to use unless you are lying still. So this ice hat idea intrigued me enough that I felt compelled to order one.

Choosing the Right Product

There are several kinds and honestly who knows which, if any, will work best? So, I researched a bit and chose one called IceKap, but there were others out there such as the Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap. The Cranial Cap essentially fits over the head and is filled with comfortable Elasto-Gel so it will not leak if punctured, and it remains flexible when frozen for maximal comfort and coverage.


Features of the Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap include:

  • Easy to use — freeze for ice therapy or microwave for heat.
  • Fastens comfortably with a hook and loop strap.
  • Remains flexible when frozen.
  • Soothing heat or ice lasts up to 40 minutes.

But after reading some of the reviews, I saw a few people said it did not reach the temples or the brow area, both of which can be key locations of pain. They liked it but it had limitations.

So, I went with the IceKap, invented by a fellow migraine sufferer specifically for migraines. The website says the inventor simply had enough with prescriptions that did not always help and missing work because of her migraine pain, so she decided to invent something that would not only help her through rough migraine attacks, but help others also struggling to get through similar days.

To be upfront, there are no claims that IceKap is the miracle cure for migraine headaches, but it promises to at least soothe the intensity of major symptoms, and offer great relaxing relief. So, I am in!

IceKap combines a few proven methods to reduce migraine pain: cooling therapy (cryotherapy), aromatherapy and pressure therapy.

Cold Therapy Methods

Cryotherapy is used often and involves cold temperatures applied for relief of swelling and pain, which essentially removes heat from a specific part of the body causing the pain. It is believed that during a migraine, the blood vessels inside the head dilate too much, causing pain.

These vessels become swollen with blood, which puts pressure on the nerves surrounding the vessels. Both heat and cooling therapies are often used as temperature manipulation to reduce migraine/headache pain.

The use of cold therapy is believed to cause the swollen blood vessels to constrict back to near normal size, which in turn reduces the pressure and pain level of the migraine or headache pain.

Aromatherapy Methods

The essential oils you can buy with the IceKap are used in combination, basically to aid in the relaxation and cooling aspect of the product. Often outside odors can make a migraine worse, but blocking them with a lavender/mint combination helps to soothe the bad sensations.

Cooling to the touch, it offers instant relief and a wonderful sense of wellbeing. It contains 100 percent natural lavender oil, which has calming properties that aid in relaxation and reduces anxiety, while peppermint oil has cooling properties.

Pressure Methods

The IceKap also states it is designed to apply pressure just where you need it, which is great news for a migraine sufferer like me. I feel relief from some of the pain when pressure is applied to parts of my head.

To accommodate this, IceKap has an adjustable pressure band, which allows the user to adjust the pressure of the cap to whatever tension you desire. The pressure system offers a comforting support to the key migraine areas: occipital, frontal, parietal and temporal regions.

So with this band, the user can apply pressure to soothe the key areas that are extra painful during a migraine.

The entire cap appears to sit on your head like a winter hat would, and seems to cover the crucial areas where cold compresses are needed during a migraine. It certainly solves the issue of mobility and icepacks sliding off your head. So, mine is ordered.

It won’t help me today, but as I keep replacing the soft ice pack on my head, I am definitely looking forward to a solution that offers ease in use and eases my pain.

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